Posted on Aug 11, 2020

LY Detectives PI Services - Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa

Asset Tracking, Mapping And Location PI Services

Private Investigation With ease... Stay Home, Stay Safe.

The thought of Mapping out the hidden assets of litigants and business partners in any country can be overwhelming. Let alone in Nairobi, The city under the sun...

Just how important is it to have some intelligence on a litigant or business partner at affordable cost?

First, can it be done?

Absolutely YES!!!

LY Detectives PI Services will uncover for you all the elements and evidence you need to present your case to court.

Our techniques are SCIENTIFIC and COMMON LAW jurisdiction approved.

We consult for LAW FIRMS and other ENTITIES in different jurisdictions and countries on matters Forensic Document Examination, Fraud Examination, Matrimonial Investigations and Criminal Investigations.

Performing ASSET LOCATION services is crucial and saves both litigants and the courts a lot of time and resources.

This type of service often includes divorce matters, ongoing litigation, as well as leverage during the time of various negotiations in order to see if indeed, a case needs to be filed.
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